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Synergy and Designing Your Landscape

In our last article we discussed the concept of synergy where landscape design is concerned.  What is synergy?  We are glad you asked…

Synergy and Landscape Design

call to action billbaord GreenservPro landscapingGoldSynergy literally means that all the parts combined are greater than the parts as a sum.  How this relates to landscape design is fairly straightforward.  Let’s say part of your property is down with an Old West Motif.  You’ve got a wagon wheel, and maybe a cow skull.  Perhaps you have an oxidized iron cactus or cowboy silhouette.  You also have rocks and desert plants.

Now, however, you want to do a landscape remodeling project and redo part of your landscape with a Chinese motif.  Well, problem solved.  If you know anything about the history of the west, you know that Chinese workers were part of that history.  So you can tie them together and have a lot of your guests get that delighted expression on their faces when they figure out your landscaping.  See, alone, the elements of Old West and China don’t work, until you tie them together.  And that is synergy in motion.  Whatever you go for design wise, make sure that you know the care and upkeep of it.

Landscape Design and Maintenance

Landscape remodeling means that whatever your new design is, you’re either going to have to take care of it, or hire a landscaping company to do it, otherwise, what starts out as a design ends up in overgrown and weed choked chaos.  One of the things that you have to think about is that you are not locked into your design.  There are no “landscape police’ out there, save for the odd HOA that’s super restrictive about what you can and cannot do to your property.

If you feel like adding something more, then you are free to do so. There are several ways by which you can make your garden more interesting. You can use  rock sculpture or fountain. But always ask for assistance when you need it from a landscape design service.

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Landscape Design and Your Home

Landscape design is more than just putting some roses in and deciding whether to plant azaleas or not…

Landscape Design and Your Home

Landscape Design-Prescott | 480-420-0902
Landscape Design-Prescott | 480-420-0902

First off, what is landscape design?  Well, according to this excerpt from Wikipedia, Landscape design focuses on both the integrated master landscape planning of a property and the specific garden design of landscape elements and plants within it. The practical, aesthetic, horticultural, and environmental sustainability components merit Landscape design inclusion. It is often divided into hardscape design and softscape design. Landscape designers often collaborate with related disciplines such as architecture and geography, soils and civil engineering, surveying, landscape contracting, botany, and artisan specialties. Design project focus can tend towards: in landscape design – artistic composition and artisanship, horticultural finesse and expertise, and a detailed site involvement emphasis from concepts through construction; whereas in landscape architecture – focus of urban planning, city and regional parks, civic and corporate landscapes, large scale interdisciplinary projects, and delegation to contractors after completing designs. There can be significant overlap of talents and skills, depending on the education, licensing, and experience of the professional. Both landscape designers and landscape architects practice landscape design [READ MORE]

Landscape remodeling is another form of this, as it takes existing elements and either replaces them or puts in features to complement them.  All forms of landscape design are basically a bridge between architecture and designing garden space.  Psychologically garden space is very valuable.

Landscape Design and Stress Reduction

An old saying is that a “thing of beauty is a joy forever.”  Landscape design is a proven way of relieving stress, by giving you something positive and beautiful to look at.  Can landscaping really make that much difference?  Well, people with high morale have a proven lower stress ratio.  And pride in your home or property is a great way of achieving morale.

So, keep your home clean, and redecorate when you can afford it.  And one of the best ways that you can redecorate is to get landscape design services done.

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Landscape Design in Phoenix

Good landscape design in Phoenix is based on adaptability.  After all, Phoenix is a desert.

Landscape Design in Phoenix For Beginners

Landscape Design in Prescott
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Phoenix has one of the most fluid populations out there.  Even though the number of Arizona natives has gone up in the past few decades, a great many of the people who live here are originally from somewhere else.  As a rule, they bring their ideas regarding landscape design with them, which is not always a good thing.

Why?  Well, what works in one part of the country does not work well in Phoenix.  Let’s say you’re from Louisiana and you miss magnolia trees.  So you find a catalog that offers them for sale, and you buy one.  You pop it in the ground, follow the care instructions to the letter and your magnolia tree dies.  Why?  Because the instructions were written with the ideal climate for a magnolia to grow in, not Phoenix.  Arizona has a desert environment, which makes landscape design Phoenix a bit more challenging.

While the Gulf Coast can hit high summer temperatures, it also has a significantly higher humidity rate.  Sometimes, plants from humid climes die because the air is just too dry for them and when combined with the heat, it literally bakes  plants in the ground.  That’s another reason you want to consult a landscape design service before you shell out money for a plant.  However, there are other reasons why you may want to consult a pro too.

Soil Types and Effective Landscape Design

Despite those that have a green thumb claiming that they can grow any type of plant anywhere, there are limits to what  you can do.  Here are just some of the landscape design questions that we’ve actually answered.  What type of soil does a gardenia grow best in?  The label on my gardenia I just bought says full sun.  If I plant it in full sun will it grow?  I was out in California and my sister has gorgeous fuchsias, and I want to grow them here, how do I do it?

In our next article,  we’ll answer these and many more questions about landscape design.

As you see, sometimes it is more complicated than you might think.  That’s why if nothing else, consult a professional landscape design service in Phoenix.

Green ServPro has been offering landscape design services in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area since 2010.  Call us today.

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Landscape Design in Arizona: Work With Nature Not Against It

Good Landscape Design is About What Works

If you live in Arizona, landscape design can be a challenge.  Try to use native plants whenever possible.  If it grows here, it will likely do well in your yard.

Don’t Use Invasive Plants in Your Landscape Design

Your neighbors will thank you.  Your city will thank you, and your landscape design company will also thank you.  If you don’t believe that planting the wrong plant can be disastrous, look at the kudzu.  It grows a foot a day and has pretty much eaten the South.

Think About Water Use in Your Landscape Design

Don’t plant a rosebush, which needs a lot of water in an area designed for desert plants, and don’t put a cactus in a rose garden, plant complementary plants together, when planning your landscape design.

When in doubt, call in a professional landscape design service

Green ServPro offers landscape design, lawn care, and sprinkler repair among many other services. Call us today and let us show you what we can do for you, or arrange a consultation.

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Finding a Good Landscape Maintenance Service

landscaping in Prescott
landscaping in Prescott

A landscape maintenance company is who you hire when you’re trying to improve the exterior of your home.  Regardless of the type of contractor you are looking for, there are certain common characteristics to look for, as this article from The Money Pit magazine shows:

Good Qualities in a Landscape Maintenance Service

The home improvement season is now upon us, a time when many try to find good contractors to take on their projects, but at the same time ushering in the next installment in the ongoing soap opera that homeowners might refer to as Contractors of Our Lives. Few business relationships evoke such intense emotions as the homeowner-contractor bond.

What about those worst contractor nightmares that everyone seems to talk about?

  • Forty six percent said it was the contractor who takes much longer than promised to complete a job.
  • Thirty percent selected the contractor who broke one thing while fixing another.
  • A third place tie, at 20 percent, went to: contractors who quote one price and then increase it significantly during the job, and contractors who take the money and run – without completing the work.

On another topic – job site cleanliness – opinions were mixed. Thirty-five percent said contractors had generally done a good job protecting their homes and leaving them clean and tidy, while 12 percent said contractors usually left a mess and expected customers to clean up when the job was finished.

To read more of this article, please click here.

Landscape Maintenance Services:  Check Out Their Reviews Online

A good thing to look at when looking for a contractor for landscape maintenance is online reviews for the business.  Another thing that is a good indicator is how long they’ve been in business and how busy they are.  Customer service skills should be present as well. All of these things and more are skills for the right fit for your home or your business.

Hiring a contractor is easy.  Hiring a good one takes a bit more detective work.  If you take this step, however, you will be on the way to finding a good landscape maintenance service.

Green Servpro is a landscape maintenance company based in Prescott AZ.

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Landscape Maintenance in Prescott

Your Choice For Expert Prescott Landscape Maintenance & Lawn Care

Green ServPro will treat your Prescott landscape maintenance as if it one of our own homes. We understand that every customer may have different tastes and preferences from the way we trim the shrubs to what type and color of flowers you like. Right from the start our goal is to structure a lawn care and landscape maintenance plan to enhance or return your lawn and landscape to a healthy, green and clean appearance.

Customer Service & Communication

We provide the highest level of communication with our customers. We maintain open lines of communication, maintaining on time schedules and keeping you informed about problem areas and required sprinkler and irrigation repairs.  We also provide you with timely notices like frost warnings and service date updates along with a newsletter to keep you up to date with seasonal changes that pertain to the Prescott landscape services at your home.

Regular Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Seasonal Landscape Maintenance Services

Our regular landscape maintenance services are provided weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly. Seasonal services are provided as well such as Winter rye grass overseeding or spring or fall time trimming and cleanups.

Regular landscape maintenance services include regular shrub and tree trimming up to an 8 ft. height, lawn care including regular fertilization and weed control, landscape weed removal and spraying, blowing out of the yard including patios, driveway and walkways. Hauling and disposal is also included.

Please Call Green Service Pro today to at 480-420-0902

Sprinkler and Irrigation Experts

Why Choose Green ServPro for your Chanlder Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation needs?

Green ServPro is your local Prescott sprinkler repair and drip irrigation system install expert. We work on all brands of irrigation timers, valves, sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. Green ServPro understands how critical a good irrigation system is to the health and beauty of your lawn and plants throughout your Prescott, Az. landscape. We will quickly diagnose problems and professionally repair or replace what is required to get your sprinklers or drip irrigation system back into operation as quickly as possible.

We are Dedicated to giving you a Great irrigation system.

Green ServPro LLC is dedicated to ensure your irrigation system is operating in top performance. We will inspect your system from the timer to the drip system emitters delivering water to your plants and trees as well as ensure your sprinklers provide appropriate coverage for your lawn.  We provide emergency irrigation repair services in Prescott and throughout the Valley. Each inspection provides the following for just $75 plus material for listed repairs. A Free Estimate will be provided for additional repairs.

  • Irrigation Timer checks to ensure all zones function correctly in the automatic and manual modes. Programming will be adjusted for the proper seasonal watering times.
  • Sprinkler and drip irrigation valves will be inspected for leaks, proper operation in manual and automatic mode. Wiring connections will be checked for corrosion due to unsealed wire nuts, connections will be repaired as needed.
  • All sprinkler and drip irrigation main lines will be checked for leaks. Drip irrigation emitters will be checked for proper operation and replaced if clogged or capped if not in use.
  • Sprinklers will be inspected for leaks from stems or nozzles. Adjustments will be made to your existing sprinklers and recommendations will be provided if it is necessary to add sprinklers for proper coverage.

Please call us today for your sprinkler or irrigation needs! Remember it is getting hot out there so your plants and trees need to be on the summer watering schedule.

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Plant Watering Guide

lawn watering guide PhoenixPlant watering varies between plants.  It is easy to plant a few shrubs and trees in the yard, they look great when they come from the nursery but how do we get them to grow, flower and look healthy at all times? We do live in the desert southwest and temperatures can range from the low 30’s some winter nights and over 110 degrees during hot summer days.

Plant Watering and Your Plants

With over half of the water use in your home possibly going to water your lawn and landscape it is important that you have somewhat of an understanding how much water your landscape needs to keep the plants healthy and at the same time keep your water bill under control!

Here are some helpful hints to be sure your plants are getting the right amount of water.

How can I tell if my plants are getting enough water?

  • Small plants such as flowers, groundcovers and cacti should be watered to a depth of 1 ft.
  • Shrubs should be watered to a depth of 2 to 3 ft. depending on type and size.
  • Trees should be watered to a depth of 3 ft. or more depending on type and size

You may use a piece of rebar to drive into the ground to determine how moist the soil is around your plants. As long as the soil is damp, the rebar should easily penetrate the ground.

How can I tell if my plants are getting to much water?

Plants which are getting to much water will begin to turn a lighter green or even yellow. This is caused by the lack of oxygen in the soil. There should be no standing water around your plants within thirty minutes of watering. Eventually this will cause root rot and the plant will dry up quickly even if the leaves are still green.

What are the signs I should look for to tell if I am watering my lawn properly?

Signs of Under watering

  • Lawn will begin to look dry and bluish-gray in color
  • The lawn will not spring back up when you step on it
  • The lawn will not feel cool to your feet after the sun goes down

Summer lawns should be watered to a depth of 10 inches and winter lawns to a depth of 6 inches. You can test this by penetrating the lawn with a large screwdriver, push it down until it stops.

Signs of Overwatering

  • Water is puddling in areas and does not go away within 10 minutes
  • Grass will begin to grow mushrooms or algae and will smell musty
  • Soil wll be very soft or even mushy and can begin to breed mosquitoes


Seasonal Planting Seasonal watering time settings
Grasses Time At planting Oct – Feb. Mar – May Jun – Sept
Burmuda May – Aug. 3 times 8 min. 10 min. 12 – 15 min.
Hybrid daily 1 day / wk 2 days / wk 3 days / wk
Winter October 4 times/day 5 days / wk 6 days / wk Rye will die
Rye Grass 4 minutes 5 minutes 7 minutes in summer

How should my drip irrigation system be set up to water my plants and trees?

With so many different soil conditions and plants available in the southwest it is critical that your drip irrigation system is set up properly for optimum control of how much water your plants receive each time you water. Separate irrigation zones should be set up to water your plants, trees, fruit trees, seasonal flowers, pots, vegetable garden or even a rose garden. You may also want separate zones if you wish to have a desert scene in your front yard and a tropical oasis in your back yard!

How do I determine the number of drip emitters to install on each of my plants, trees, etc?

Emitters are sized by the Gallons per hour (GPH), use the table below as a guide to help you. The table is based on number of emitters normally installed by professional landscape companies.

The amount of time you set to water your plants will vary based on the amount of penetration you are getting due to the soil conditions in your area. If your plants and trees are set up to share water, additional adjustments will be necessary.


Gallons Seasonal time settings schedule
per hour Oct – Feb. Mar – May Jun – Sept frequency
Flowers 1 10 min. 20 min. 30 min. 5 days/wk
Ground Covers 2 30 min. 45 min. 1 hour 3 days/wk
shrubs 4 30 min. 45 min. 1 hour 3 days/wk
Palm Trees 6 30 min. 45 min. 1 hour 3 days/wk
Canopy Trees 16 1 hour 1.5 hours 2 hours 1 day/wk
Fruit Trees 12 1 hour 1.5 hours 2 hours 1 day/wk

phoenix plant watering guideGreen ServPro LLC provides free estimates and consultations for Lawn, Landscape and Garden Care.  We would be glad to assist you in your efforts to ensure your home maintains the curb appeal and outdoor living space we all want to enjoy. We would be glad to give you a free irrigation system analysis to determine if your system is set up properly for the optimum health of your plants and trees.

Give us a call today for your FREE Irrigation Analysis

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