Xeriscaping Part I

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Xeriscaping makes sense for where we live. Arizona is a part of the Sonoran desert. Water obviously is a precious natural resource.

Xeriscaping in Ahwatukee

The population of Ahwatukee, like all Valley cities is increasing. As more and more people relocate to the Valley of the Sun, demands on our aquifers are increasing exponentially. Prices go up the more people want something. Water isn’t an exception to this rule.

Your water bill can be lowered by using xeriscaping effectively, however. What is xeriscaping? Dry landscaping or xeriscaping is a method of landscape design using drought tolerant plants. When you mention it, nearly everybody equates it with desert landscaping. However, the term xeriscaping is more about water allocation.

Xeriscaping Principles in Landscape Design

There are different tricks of using xeriscaping principles in your landscape design. One of the core concepts of xeriscaping is to group plants with similar water needs together to reduce water consumption. When you reduce your demand for water, guess what?  You also reduce your water bill.  Conserving water to save money is a great benefit, however, that’s only one reason for xeriscaping,  Another one is trying to live green.

Is xeriscaping environmentally friendly?  Absolutely.  Because you are using plants that require less water, it helps in the fight against desertification.  Another reason you may want to do xeriscaping at your home or business is that it also helps to stop the spread of invasive species.  If you want some inspiration, look up kudzu and see what it’s done to the South.  It grows a foot a day.  We don’t have that here, however, we do have plants that people plant such as nasturtiums and African daisies which expand aggressively and can choke out other plants. When you’re in doubt, call in a landscaping service to help you pick your plants, which will also be our next topic.

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