Finding a Good Landscape Maintenance Service

landscaping in Prescott
landscaping in Prescott

A landscape maintenance company is who you hire when you’re trying to improve the exterior of your home.  Regardless of the type of contractor you are looking for, there are certain common characteristics to look for, as this article from The Money Pit magazine shows:

Good Qualities in a Landscape Maintenance Service

The home improvement season is now upon us, a time when many try to find good contractors to take on their projects, but at the same time ushering in the next installment in the ongoing soap opera that homeowners might refer to as Contractors of Our Lives. Few business relationships evoke such intense emotions as the homeowner-contractor bond.

What about those worst contractor nightmares that everyone seems to talk about?

  • Forty six percent said it was the contractor who takes much longer than promised to complete a job.
  • Thirty percent selected the contractor who broke one thing while fixing another.
  • A third place tie, at 20 percent, went to: contractors who quote one price and then increase it significantly during the job, and contractors who take the money and run – without completing the work.

On another topic – job site cleanliness – opinions were mixed. Thirty-five percent said contractors had generally done a good job protecting their homes and leaving them clean and tidy, while 12 percent said contractors usually left a mess and expected customers to clean up when the job was finished.

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Landscape Maintenance Services:  Check Out Their Reviews Online

A good thing to look at when looking for a contractor for landscape maintenance is online reviews for the business.  Another thing that is a good indicator is how long they’ve been in business and how busy they are.  Customer service skills should be present as well. All of these things and more are skills for the right fit for your home or your business.

Hiring a contractor is easy.  Hiring a good one takes a bit more detective work.  If you take this step, however, you will be on the way to finding a good landscape maintenance service.

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