irrigation & sprinkler repair

Green ServPro Home and Garden is your local Prescott sprinkler and drip irrigation system repair expert. Specializing in the residential market, Green ServPro works on all brands of irrigation timers, valves, sprinklers and drip irrigation systems.

Green ServPro Home and Garden understands how critical your irrigation system is to the health and beauty of your lawn and plants throughout your landscape. We will quickly diagnose problems and professionally repair or replace what is required to get your sprinklers or drip irrigation system back into operation as quickly as possible.

  • Irrigation system analysis and seasonal tuneup services
  • Irrigation timer repair, replacement or seasonal programming
  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker repair or replacement
  • Electrical or manual valve repair or replacement
  • Main sprinkler or drip irrigation leaks repaired
  • Sprinkler head replacement, adjustments or additions
  • Drip irrigation emitters replaced or added on new plantings

Schedule an Appointment for an Irrigation System Analysis and Seasonal Tune-Up

Green ServPro Home and Garden is dedicated to ensure your irrigation system is operating in top performance. We will inspect your system from the timer to the drip system emitters delivering water to your plants and trees as well as ensure your sprinklers provide appropriate coverage for your lawn. Each inspection provides the following for just $75 plus material for listed repairs. A Free Estimate will be provided for additional repairs.

  • Irrigation Timer check to ensure all zones function correctly in the automatic and manual modes. Programming will be adjusted for the proper seasonal watering times.
  • Sprinkler and drip irrigation valves will be inspected for leaks, proper operation in manual and automatic mode. Wiring connections will be checked for corrosion due to unsealed wire nuts, connections will be repaired as needed.
  • All sprinkler and drip irrigation main lines will be checked for leaks. Drip irrigation emitters will be checked for proper operation and replaced if clogged or capped if. not in use.
  • Sprinklers will be inspected for leaks from stems or nozzles. Adjustments will be made to your existing sprinklers and recommendations will be provided if it is necessary to add sprinklers for proper coverage.

Upgrade your Irrigation System to Fertilize your Landscape on Autopilot!

Green ServPro Home and Garden continues to use cutting edge technology to enhance the health and beauty of the landscapes we service. With the installation of Fertigation Injection System technology we are able to attach directly into your in ground sprinkler and / or drip irrigation system which allows you to inject micro-doses of organic liquid and water soluble fertilizers into your irrigation system each time your system waters your plants, trees, lawn or vegetable garden.

Fertigation System Advantages

  • Eliminates chemical fertilizer runoff into the water table
  • Reduces water usage due to increased plant root mass
  • Micro-dosing fertilizers increases plant absorption
  • Healthier plants & Trees reduces the need for pesticides
  • Organic Fertilizer use produces pesticide free vegetables