Landscape Design in Arizona: Work With Nature Not Against It

Good Landscape Design is About What Works

If you live in Arizona, landscape design can be a challenge.  Try to use native plants whenever possible.  If it grows here, it will likely do well in your yard.

Don’t Use Invasive Plants in Your Landscape Design

Your neighbors will thank you.  Your city will thank you, and your landscape design company will also thank you.  If you don’t believe that planting the wrong plant can be disastrous, look at the kudzu.  It grows a foot a day and has pretty much eaten the South.

Think About Water Use in Your Landscape Design

Don’t plant a rosebush, which needs a lot of water in an area designed for desert plants, and don’t put a cactus in a rose garden, plant complementary plants together, when planning your landscape design.

When in doubt, call in a professional landscape design service

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