landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is the frosting on your landscapes curb appeal and outdoor living space. It can enhance the architecture of our home, highlight the trees and shrubs as well as illuminate your homes pathways, patios & fountains as well as play an important role in the security of your home.

Green ServPro specializes in outdoor lighting repair and LED light conversions which includes trouble shooting wiring, lighting fixture connections, lighting transformer and fixture replacements or replacing your landscape light bulbs.

Highlight the Beauty of Your Trees

Spot lights are narrow outdoor lighting fixtures which focus light directly onto objects such as Palm trees and focal points such as fountains and landscape décor like statues or Garden Art. Flood lights which give a broader scope of light can be used to highlight the canopy’s of larger trees or enhance the architecture of your home.

Guide Yourself & Guests with Pathway Lighting

Landscape path lighting define paths and casts a soft light to lead us down the path throughout our landscape. Many walkways are created with beautiful cobblestone, flagstone or architectural concrete which have vibrant colors which come out in the night along with plantings highlighted on the paths edge.

Go Green & Save Energy with LED Landscape Lighting

Halogen lamps in your outdoor lighting fixtures have long been the standard however in recent years new technological advances in lighting have produced LED light bulbs (Light emitting diodes) which produce the same amount of light as it’s Halogen counter part with as much as an 85% energy savings!

Green ServPro can repair your existing landscape lighting system and at the same time convert your light fixtures to LED! While your Halogen lamps may need replaced every 2 or 3 years, your new LED lights may provide up to 20 years of maintenance free performance.