Landscape Remodeling: Reasons Why You Should Do It Part 1

You may be wondering why you need to think about remodeling your landscape.  Well first off, let’s get into aesthetics.

Landscape Remodeling and Your Homeowner’s Association

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Like them or hate them, HOAs are a part of a lot of major cities.  A lot of the time, they require you to keep up your property.  Simple landscaping may not be enough.  Let’s say you have two ficus trees in your front yard.  Ficus trees can be good shade trees, but did you know however, that if they’re exposed to freezing temperatures, the leaves as well as the branches can die off?  Some growth may come back, but it is usually at the bottom, and you’re stuck with a tree that is largely dead.  The other ficus tree is doing alright, however, but now your yard’s overall design is out of balance.  Or maybe all of  your plants are doing well.

Too well in fact.  Your bougainvillea is tangling with your Japanese honeysuckle,  and your roses are growing together into a giant rose mass.  Landscape remodeling helps to solve problems such as these.  However, sometimes it isn’t your plants that need the attention. Sometimes, you may find that other parts of your yard need such work.

Landscape Remodeling  and Garden Types

Your house is hot and uncomfortable during the summer unless you set your air conditioning really low, which makes your cooling bill go through the roof.  The problem seems even worse at night, and you can’t figure out why.  You have tinted windows,  any southern exposures are shaded by your patio, your insulation is fairly new, and you have both reflective blinds and insulated drapes.  The problem may not be with your home, it may be that you need to remodel your landscape.

For example, desert pavement reflects heat back up.  Desert pavement is hardened clay soil, gravel, and rocks.  And guess what the desert landscaping in your front yard is?  That’s right, desert pavement. It may be a good idea to have a landscape remodeling service come in and totally redo your landscape to one more conducive to cooler temperatures such as a lawn or traditional green space.

Your landscape is part of your home and property.  However, if you’re tired of, it may be time for a change.  Call a landscape remodeling service today.

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