Lawn Care and Aeration in Gilbert, Arizona

It doesn’t matter if you have a small patch of turf in front of your house or you try to keep maintenance on a football field, there are some basic lawn care principles in Gilbert, Arizona, that apply to all grass fields: watering, mowing, fertilizing and aeration. Now if the first three can be called habitual tasks in the case of every lawn owner or school and parks, aeration is a more complex procedure that usually leaves behind dirt traces and unsatisfied customers (especially athletes that don’t particularly like rough grounds and romantic couples that bump into dirt lumps when taking a sweet walk), but on the long run, aeration is perhaps one of the best measures to make sure the fields are healthy and the grass bright green and luscious all year long. If you have mastered the mowing, the trimming and the watering of your lawn in Gilbert, Arizona, let’s see a few things on aeration too.

What is Aeration Good For?

Usually lawns are not simple decorative projects you only touch once a week when mowing. They are places of comfort and pleasure and children walking barefoot, pets running around, the Sunday picnic party and generally speaking, stepping all over it cause the surface to flatten and the soil to get compacted. The more compacted the soil becomes, the harder is for the water and oxygen to reach down to the turf roots and feed it properly, not to mention that compacted soil is detrimental to the overall health of a lawn. When you aerate your land, as a lawn care good practice, the holes you leave behind slacken off the soil and thus water and air reach faster the roots system, thus keeping your grass strong and your lawn lush and healthy all seasons.

When is Aeration Necessary?

Usually, lawn care specialists recommend this practice to have a twice – a – year frequency, in early spring and in early fall, to avoid complications generated by extreme temperatures, pest and weeds outbreaks, chemicals going too deep into the root systems and so on. However, if you experience lawn troubles and know that your area is bound to weather conditions that mandate more frequent aeration, you can proceed in doing so, best under the supervision or advised by lawn care professionals in Gilbert, as they know well the region and the climate impact on the soil.

You can contact your local lawn care agency and have them make an assessment and design you a thorough aeration plan to suit your needs and the lawn’s best interest!