Lawn Maintenance and Property Values

Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Maintenance

Is lawn maintenance part of property estimates?  Not completely, however, it is one factor that is used to determine mean property values in an area.  If an area has homes that are kept up and landscaped well, they are assessed at a much higher value than homes that are dilapidated and run down.  First off, what part of your property is considered the lawn?

Your Lawn and Lawn Maintenance

A lawn is an area of aesthetic and recreational land planted with grasses or other durable plants and can be defined by four characteristics: It is composed only of grass species; it is subject to weed and pest control; it is subject to practices aimed at maintaining its green color; and it is regularly mowed to ensure an acceptable length.[1] Low ornamental meadows in natural landscaping styles are a contemporary option of a lawn. In recreational contexts, the specialised names turf, pitch, field or green may be used, depending on the sport and the continent. The term lawn, referring to a managed grass space, dates to no earlier than the 16th century. Tied to suburban expansion and the creation of the household aesthetic, the lawn is an important aspect of the interaction between the natural environment and the constructed urban and suburban space.  To read more of this article, please click here. Whether in a large open  city park or your own front yard, lawns require lawn maintenance.

Why People Prefer Lawns and Lawn Maintenance

Lawns add a bit of beauty to your home.  While a lot of people try to save money by getting gravel and desert landscaping, such landscaping is not for everyone.   There is actually another surprising reason  to have a lawn as opposed to gravel.  As they are a natural repository for moisture then can help to cool your home.  Temperatures drop by 10 degrees off a lawn that has had proper lawn maintenance and watering done.

Lawn Maintenance and You

Some people can do their own lawn, particularly in a smaller space, however, it is often better to call in a company to help you with your lawn, as it can be a bit tricky without the proper seed and fertilizer.  If you do need a lawn maintenance company, go with someone local.


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