Sprinkler Repair and The Dreaded Yard Fountain

Sprinkler repair is a good strategy to follow from winter to spring.  During winter your plants need less water, and go dormant.  You can check out your sprinklers to see if there is any damage to the heads or pipes simply by turning them on.

Look for the Yard Fountain:  A Sign that you Need Sprinkler Repair

Sprinklers that need sprinkler repair are fairly obvious. You either have a pool of water that starts to well up at the surface when you turn on the sprinkler, or even worse, the dreaded lawn fountain. When we refer to a lawn fountain, we’re not referring to something made of terra cotta, or resin. We’re talking about a gusher of water that springs up, usually someplace that you do not want water to be as a rule.

What Causes Sprinklers to Need Sprinkler Repair

Any sprinkler system uses some form of pressurized water to spray from retractable nozzles. When they work right, these nozzles deliver a fine spray of water that nourishes both the roots and the leaf structures above ground. An irrigation system in need of sprinkler repair, however, either dribbles, or fountains up, completely out of control. Sometimes it can even flood into the street, and if you live anywhere with a homeowner’s association, then you end up on their bad side too. Sprinkler systems are usually a combination of metal and plastic pipes and nozzles. Like any link in a chained system, when one thing goes, it can impact the entire system.

Sprinklers are not too complex as a rule.  Even ones set on a timer or that are fairly high-tech operate under the same principles as the simplest ones.  However, whether they are complicated or simple, a sprinkler like all devices will sooner need sprinkler repair.
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