Sprinklers and Irrigation System Repair

When you need to fix your sprinkler, it is good to know what type of sprinkler you have. There are several types of sprinklers out there.

Know Your Sprinkler for Sprinkler Repair

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When it’s working, and doesn’t need sprinkler repair, a lawn sprinkler system uniformly waters your lawn,and work on both flat areas and sloped lawns.  The type of sprinkler head you have is usually determined by how much space you have to cover.  A sprinkler designed for a golf course is more powerful, as it has much more lawn to cover, obviously.  Usually the ones that are on people’s lawns usually pop up for a quick early morning or evening spray, then they retract. A drip irrigation system is usually something different.  It is a water-saving device that is used often to water bedding plants like flowers or shrubs.

Like a lot of products, there are sprinklers that are very elaborate, and some that are quite simple.  All of them however, have a network of underground pipes and valves, as well as the sprinkler heads themselves. On more sophisticated sprinkler systems is an automatic timer, allowing you to water your lawn when it works the best.  A good sprinkler repair service can fix your system, regardless of how complex it is.

Common Causes of Sprinkler System Failure

Sprinkler systems are nothing more than a network of pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads.  As a rule they should be low maintenance, however, the water that is in the pipes is under pressure.  Sprinkler heads have gotten better than they used to be, when they were made of PVC or other types of plastic.  Plastic sprinkler heads work well in other parts of the country, but they don’t work well in Arizona as they become brittle with the heat and can snap off, sending up a fountain.  Valves also can rust shut or jam.  When that or any other sprinkler problem happens, you want to call in a sprinkler repair service in Prescott.

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