Synergy and Designing Your Landscape

In our last article we discussed the concept of synergy where landscape design is concerned.  What is synergy?  We are glad you asked…

Synergy and Landscape Design

call to action billbaord GreenservPro landscapingGoldSynergy literally means that all the parts combined are greater than the parts as a sum.  How this relates to landscape design is fairly straightforward.  Let’s say part of your property is down with an Old West Motif.  You’ve got a wagon wheel, and maybe a cow skull.  Perhaps you have an oxidized iron cactus or cowboy silhouette.  You also have rocks and desert plants.

Now, however, you want to do a landscape remodeling project and redo part of your landscape with a Chinese motif.  Well, problem solved.  If you know anything about the history of the west, you know that Chinese workers were part of that history.  So you can tie them together and have a lot of your guests get that delighted expression on their faces when they figure out your landscaping.  See, alone, the elements of Old West and China don’t work, until you tie them together.  And that is synergy in motion.  Whatever you go for design wise, make sure that you know the care and upkeep of it.

Landscape Design and Maintenance

Landscape remodeling means that whatever your new design is, you’re either going to have to take care of it, or hire a landscaping company to do it, otherwise, what starts out as a design ends up in overgrown and weed choked chaos.  One of the things that you have to think about is that you are not locked into your design.  There are no “landscape police’ out there, save for the odd HOA that’s super restrictive about what you can and cannot do to your property.

If you feel like adding something more, then you are free to do so. There are several ways by which you can make your garden more interesting. You can use  rock sculpture or fountain. But always ask for assistance when you need it from a landscape design service.

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