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Xeriscaping Part II

Part two of our series on xeriscaping explores the types of plants that you can use.  Be sure to read part one of this series as well.

What Xeriscape Plants to Use in Dry Landscaping

Call for Xeriscaping Advice | (928) 356-8167
Call for Xeriscaping Advice | (928) 356-8167

Most people  don’t know what xeriscape plants to use.   Or they often think that their only choices are cacti or plants such as yucca.  While these are obvious choices, there are a surprising  number of plants that you can use from ground covers all the way up to trees.  Some plants are indigenous to Arizona, while others come from climates that are very similar.  Sand verbenas for example are a lovely flower that can come in vivid yellows or rich lavenders.

Aloe vera is often mistaken for a cactus, however, it is actually a type of succulent and it  is found all over the world.  Aloe is a unique plant as it is ornamental plant with medicinal qualities.   Why do you think that so many sunburn treatments are made with aloe vera, the same with so many lotions.  Aloe vera has beautiful flowers that a lot of pollinators such as hummingbirds and bees love, and as it is a succulent, it can thrive in places like a xeriscape garden. Another type of plant that works well in dry landscaping surprisingly are lilacs.  Lilacs are very drought tolerant, and bloom once a year.

Dry Landscaping at it’s Best

In our last article, we discussed the economic benefits of planting a dry landscape, however, if you’re savvy on your plant choices, you will be able to create a beautiful garden spot and not use a huge amount of water to do it.  There’s no such thing as plants that don’t need water, however, you can get drought tolerant plants that allow you to stretch watering farther. The Arizona Department of Water Resources has a booklet of over 19 pages of xeriscape plants that you can find at most local nurseries.

There are lot of choices out there.  Sometimes they can be bewildering.  If you need help, call in a landscaping expert.

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