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Lawn Care Part 1: Artificial Versus Natural

Lawn care has come to mean a lot more than just fertilizing and watering.  You also have to know what type of seed to plant, when to plant it, and in some cases, when to remove it.   In part one of our two part series on lawn care, we will cover artificial lawns versus natural ones.  Part two of our series will cover winter lawns and overseeding.

Synthetic Lawns:  They Have Come a Long Way

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Originally, artificial grass was created for sporting arenas.  Because many of them were domed, grass would not get enough sunlight and would often die out.  Astroturf was made in the 60’s and covered the field of the  Astrodome.  Now we are four generations later on artificial grass, which is a good thing we might add. It used to be that artificial grass looked, well, artificial. When it was first released, synthetic grass was often in an unnatural shade of green.  Nowadays, with new technologies, synthetic lawns have come to resemble their living counterparts.  And there are several advantages of artificial turf over regular grass.

Artificial turf obviously doesn’t require water, and it helps to control insects including some harmful ones like mosquitoes. As it is usually made of plastics and resins, it is also immune to termites.    Another thing is that artificial grass offers is stain resistance, as well as obviously no weeds.  However, it also has disadvantages too, such as you pretty much have to replace it every few years or it will be very obvious that you have it, as it will become sun bleached and brittle.  And some people want more.

Natural Lawns: Tried and True

To some people, artificial grass is a weird idea.  A lawn should be green and growing, and fun to walk on.  It evokes memories of hot summer days, the smell of fresh cut grass.  A natural lawn has all of that, plus it can lower the temperature of your home by being a natural repository for water.  However, just like synthetic turf, lawn has its minuses too.  First off, you’re going to need to mow it, and water it, and every now and then put down water to keep it green.

Each person is different, so why should our lawns all be the same? So whether you want some fescue or bluegrass to scrunch between your toes or a low maintenance artificial lawn, it’s all in who you call.  The best call to make is to a lawn care service.

Be sure to read part two our series on lawn care as well.

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