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Sprinkler Repair in Prescott Part 2: Stay Out of Trouble

Part two of a series on sprinkler repair focuses on some more reasons why you need to get it done.

Sprinkler Repair and Your Neighborhood

Get Sprinkler Repair Done Today to Avoid Trouble Later  | 480-420-0902
Get Sprinkler Repair Done Today to Avoid Trouble Later | 480-420-0902

In our last article we covered some simple financial reasons why you should conserve water by fixing your sprinkler. Well in addition to saving a lot of money on your water bill, you’re also going to avoid trouble with a whole lot of people.  Like who?  Well for one, if you live in the Phoenix area, unless you’re living in an older neighborhood, odds are you might have a homeowner’s association to deal with.

If you live in a Master planned community, you want to make sure that you stay in good with your homeowner’s association.  Why?  Well, for one, when you bought the property,  you most likely signed away some rights to them to enforce the way that your property looks.  When you have a broken sprinkler, it can cause water damage.  Maybe not a lot, but just enough to get into trouble with your neighbors, your HOA, and the city as well.

Why Should I Fix a Broken Sprinkler?

Well if saving money on your water bill isn’t a good enough reason, how about avoiding fines and potential lawsuits?   Your HOA can fine you for a bad sprinkler, as can the city.  If you flood your neighbor’s property and cause damage you can be liable for those damages, and it is very likely that the court would side with the plaintiff as the cost of fixing your sprinkler is minimal compared to the damage that it can cause.

So, adding to our previous article, you can keep good will in your neighborhood, avoid trouble, and save money on your water bill.  How?  All you have to do is to call a sprinkler repair service.
This concludes part two of our series.  For more information on sprinkler repair, be sure to read part one as well.

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