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Landscape Design in Phoenix Q & A

In our last article, we brought up some excellent landscape design questions.Phoenix Landscape Design Q & A

What type of soil does a gardenia grow best in?

Gardenias grow in acidic soil. If you want to use gardenias as part of your landscape design, we recommend only using them in a container with potting soil and peat moss added, otherwise it won’t grow well.

The label on my gardenia I just bought says full sun. If I plant it in full sun will it grow?

Only if you plant it in a container and move it indoors when it gets hot. Otherwise, it will die out.  The ‘full sun’ that is referred to on the label is full sun in a much more temperate environment than Arizona.  This is something you really have to think about where landscape design is concerned. Where does the plant come from?  Do your research.

Landscape design in Arizona has it's own unique challenges
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I was out in California and my sister has gorgeous fuchsias, and I want to grow them here, how do I do it?

You don’t, at least not easily. Fuchsias require a more moisture rich climate to do well. You may be able to hang them in a climate controlled greenhouse, but not outside, and they can’t be used in traditional landscape design in Phoenix.

I have heard that Jessamine or Jasmine does well in Arizona, is that true?

Again, do your homework before any landscape design decisions.  Carolina jasmine or jessamine can do well in Arizona, as can Arabian jasmine.  However, there are other species of jasmine that you buy from seed catalogs that are supposedly drought tolerant than will quickly become brown sticks with Arizona’s hot summer.

It’s all about the choices you make.  Drought tolerant can mean that it can survive a long time without water…for England where it rains 33 inches per year.  Arizona is a bit different.  Your landscape design should reflect this too.


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