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Landscape Deisgn and the Smart Consumer Part I

Landscape design is a service that you want to research before you contact a service. This article will help to explore why you should work with a professional instead of trying to do it yourself.  Part one of

Plant Growth Rates and Landscape Design

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Okay, so let’s say you’ve gone to your garden shop or home improvement center and picked out a few plants. You plant them, and you think you’re more than generous with the amount of space each of them is going to need to grow. Then a few months later, you notice that you’re trimming your plants a lot. Why? Well, you didn’t really realize how much certain plants can grow. Look at a bougainvillea or a lantana for example. If they have ample water and sunlight, both of these plants can grow everywhere, and grow at a quick rate.  Your landscape design company will know what to plant and what not to plant.

Living in Arizona, we don’t really have to worry about kudzu as it doesn’t grow here, but both lantana and bougainvillea do grow here and grow quite well.  You ruefully start investing in garden tools and garden tool sharpeners, both of which could have been avoided if you had just contacted a landscape design company in Prescott, AZ. However, it isn’t just the amount your plants can choke each other out.  It’s also about what your plants need where water is concerned.

Landscape Design:  Planting Water Compatible Plants

We’ve said it before in some of our other blog posts, but you can’t plant something like a golden barrel cactus that needs very little water near a rose which needs a lot of water.  Besides the fact that it will look more than a little odd, one plant will thrive and the other one will die.  Landscape design is also about placement.  You place plants that work well with each other both by looks and by water consumption. Part two of this series will explore some effective strategies of how to place your plants, and where you can plant them.

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Landscaping Ideas




You can have beautiful landscape even in the desert. The first, method of landscaping in the desert is to choose plants that are native to the area in which you are landscaping, in this case Arizona.  Second, the plants will not need expensive fertilizers to grow to their full potential. They are made to grow in the dry desert soil, these plants know how to survive with minimal amounts of water.  Listed below are excellent plant choices for desert landscapes.



Desert Willow 

The Desert Willow has pink and purple flowers usually attracting humming birds.  This tree does well in full sun and in dry soils. Surprisingly despite its name it’s not actually a willow tree.



Desert Museum Palo Verde

The Desert Museum Palo Verde is a thorn less tree with bright yellow flowers.  This tree flowers in the Spring and is best in full sun.


Chilean Mesquite

The Chilean Mesquite has greenish yellow flowers. The tree flowers in the Spring and Summer and is dormant in the Winter months.  


Golden Barrel

The Golden Barrel cactus has spines or sharp edges; use extreme caution when handling. This cactus blooms in mid-summer with a pale yellow flower. It is also Drought-tolerant and does well in full sun.



Yucca Pendula

The Yucca Pendula is a cactus that does great in full sun or partial shade. This Yucca can be identified by its blue-green leathery textures foliage. It also has whitish flowers and blooms in the late summer to mid-fall.



Prickly Pear

The Prickly Pear has flat rounded cladodes with yellow flowers. The cactus blooms in the Sprint to the early Summer and does great in full sun.  The colorful fruit that grows on the cacti attracts birds in the summer months.




Baja Fairy Duster

The Baja Fairy Duster does great in full sun and flowers year round. The flowers are Scarlet Red to Orange-Red attracting humming birds.



 Desert Ruellia

The Desert Ruellia is a plant native to Mexico. The Desert Ruellia does good in full sun and has  funnel-shaped purple or blue flowers. This plant blooms in mid-March to November.



Mexican Honeysuckle

The Mexican Honeysuckle does great in full sun and attracts humming birds. Clusters of bright orange, narrowly tubular flowers appear almost year round.