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Landscape Design and Outdoor Kitchens

As we discussed in an earlier post, good landscape design is all about features.  One of the best features to have for your backyard is an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchens and Good Landscape Design

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The weather’s getting warm, and one of the things that warm weather means is that you are going to want to have a barbeque and maybe even an outdoor dinner party.  If you are the host as well as the chef, guess what?  You’ll see your guests in passing as you bring out the dishes to be served.  What’s the answer to this problem?  Crock pots?  Sure, if you prepare the right foods, however, if you’re not careful, your award winning chicken and dumplings can turn to library paste if it sits there long enough.  No, a better answer, and also part of an ingenious landscape design plan is an outdoor kitchen.

Landscape Design:  Incorporating an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can be adapted to fit your existing landscape design.  It’s all about placement.  You never want to install an outdoor kitchen anywhere where it is not safe.  Putting a fire source near anything flammable for example is not a good idea.  You also want to keep your outdoor kitchen somewhere relatively secure, like your backyard for example.  You probably don’t want some intruder to vandalize it or anyone to use it without your knowledge or permission.

As for what features you can include when you install an outdoor kitchen, that is up to you and your budget.  Outdoor kitchens run the gamut from simple grills to sophisticated units with ovens and refrigerators.  Above all else, get the right help to set it up and install it:  namely a professional landscape design service.

Green ServPro is a landscape design service based in Prescott Arizona.  Call us today and let us make you the host or hostess of dinner parties that will make the movers and shakers take notice.

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