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Landscape Deisgn and the Smart Consumer Part I

Landscape design is a service that you want to research before you contact a service. This article will help to explore why you should work with a professional instead of trying to do it yourself.  Part one of

Plant Growth Rates and Landscape Design

Landscape Design in Prescott
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Okay, so let’s say you’ve gone to your garden shop or home improvement center and picked out a few plants. You plant them, and you think you’re more than generous with the amount of space each of them is going to need to grow. Then a few months later, you notice that you’re trimming your plants a lot. Why? Well, you didn’t really realize how much certain plants can grow. Look at a bougainvillea or a lantana for example. If they have ample water and sunlight, both of these plants can grow everywhere, and grow at a quick rate.  Your landscape design company will know what to plant and what not to plant.

Living in Arizona, we don’t really have to worry about kudzu as it doesn’t grow here, but both lantana and bougainvillea do grow here and grow quite well.  You ruefully start investing in garden tools and garden tool sharpeners, both of which could have been avoided if you had just contacted a landscape design company in Prescott, AZ. However, it isn’t just the amount your plants can choke each other out.  It’s also about what your plants need where water is concerned.

Landscape Design:  Planting Water Compatible Plants

We’ve said it before in some of our other blog posts, but you can’t plant something like a golden barrel cactus that needs very little water near a rose which needs a lot of water.  Besides the fact that it will look more than a little odd, one plant will thrive and the other one will die.  Landscape design is also about placement.  You place plants that work well with each other both by looks and by water consumption. Part two of this series will explore some effective strategies of how to place your plants, and where you can plant them.

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Landscape Design in Prescott: The Features You Want

Landscape Design in Prescott, AZ
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Landscape design is all about features.  Well, at least good design is.  If you get a water feature for example, but don’t want to take care of it, pretty soon you’re going to have a rather odd flowerbed.  Inversely, if you get a desert plot of land, and would like a bit of water to break up all the brown, you’re doing yourself another disservice.  You want to work with a professional company that helps you to find the best compromise.

Principles of Prescott Landscape Design

Blessed by warm weather nearly year round as well as a fairly relaxed lifestyle, Prescott, Arizona is an oasis in the desert.  If you live in or near Prescott, you want your landscape design to take the climate into consideration.  What do we mean?  Well, from April until sometimes as late as October, Arizona gets HOT.  Not just warm, not just balmy, HOT with capital letters.

Prescott Landscape Design: Simple Truths

Elaborate landscape design requires elaborate care.  Simple landscaping doesn’t.  Sounds pretty straightforward, but the definition between simple and elaborate is also based on your abilities as well as time constraints.  During the summer in Arizona, there are only two times you can comfortably work outside: very early morning and early evening.  The rest of the time, the heat is a bit too much for most people to deal with.

That’s where we can help you.  If you have a vision for your landscape design, from an elaborate flower garden to a Japanese garden, we are professionals, and we even know how to work around the heat.

Green Servpro is a landscape design service in Prescott, AZ.  Call us today, and let us take your vision from dream to beautiful reality.

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