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Landscape Design in Phoenix

Good landscape design in Phoenix is based on adaptability.  After all, Phoenix is a desert.

Landscape Design in Phoenix For Beginners

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Phoenix has one of the most fluid populations out there.  Even though the number of Arizona natives has gone up in the past few decades, a great many of the people who live here are originally from somewhere else.  As a rule, they bring their ideas regarding landscape design with them, which is not always a good thing.

Why?  Well, what works in one part of the country does not work well in Phoenix.  Let’s say you’re from Louisiana and you miss magnolia trees.  So you find a catalog that offers them for sale, and you buy one.  You pop it in the ground, follow the care instructions to the letter and your magnolia tree dies.  Why?  Because the instructions were written with the ideal climate for a magnolia to grow in, not Phoenix.  Arizona has a desert environment, which makes landscape design Phoenix a bit more challenging.

While the Gulf Coast can hit high summer temperatures, it also has a significantly higher humidity rate.  Sometimes, plants from humid climes die because the air is just too dry for them and when combined with the heat, it literally bakes  plants in the ground.  That’s another reason you want to consult a landscape design service before you shell out money for a plant.  However, there are other reasons why you may want to consult a pro too.

Soil Types and Effective Landscape Design

Despite those that have a green thumb claiming that they can grow any type of plant anywhere, there are limits to what  you can do.  Here are just some of the landscape design questions that we’ve actually answered.  What type of soil does a gardenia grow best in?  The label on my gardenia I just bought says full sun.  If I plant it in full sun will it grow?  I was out in California and my sister has gorgeous fuchsias, and I want to grow them here, how do I do it?

In our next article,  we’ll answer these and many more questions about landscape design.

As you see, sometimes it is more complicated than you might think.  That’s why if nothing else, consult a professional landscape design service in Phoenix.

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