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Landscape Design on a Professional Level

Get Landscape Design | (928) 356-8167
Get Landscape Design | (928) 356-8167

Landscape design mixes several elements.  One of the most admired forms of landscape design is the classic Japanese garden.

Types of Landscape Design

This article excerpt  from the Balboa Park Japanese Friendship Garden shows the many elements of sound landscape design:

The Japanese Friendship Garden is designed to present an atmosphere of elegant simplicity (shibui) and quiet beauty.  Representing a new concept in the development of a Japanese garden outside of Japan, the design is guided by the original principles of the Japanese garden while incorporating elements of the regional landscape and climate.  A garden is always in a state of change but the basic elements of trees, shrubs, rocks and water designed in natural balance create a peaceful, harmonious, and transcendental environment conducive to contemplation and meditation.

These are some of its elements

Entrance Plaza:

The Plaza welcomes visitors with its inviting space.  It is open to the westerly winds and, symbolically, to Yokohama, San Diego’s sister city.

The Entrance Stone:

To the right of the Entry Gate, the Entrance Stone is inscribed with the kanji symbols of the Garden’s name, San-Kei-En.  The Stone was a gift to the Garden from the San Diego-Yokohama Sister City Society.

To read more about the landscape design elements used in the Japanese Friendship Garden, and to see images of the garden, visit their site.

Landscape Design Services Create Your Perfect Garden

Some elements of landscape design are timeless and appropriate for a lot of environments.  The simplicity of a Zen garden can work in the serene beauty of Kyoto and the sere desert of Arizona.  Some elements however, won’t work in Arizona, particularly plants that require a more temperate or colder climate.  When in doubt, contact a professional landscape design company.

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