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Lawn Care: Frequently Asked Questions Part I

Lawn care is all about knowledge.  What type of seed, how often you should mow, and what you should use to control weeds are just some of the questions you need answered before you start setting up your lawn.

Lawn Care:  How Often Should I Mow?

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Grass grows fairly quickly.  A good rule of thumb for mowing your lawn as part of proper lawn care is every week to ten days.  Otherwise,  your lawn will begin to get out of control.  When you mow your lawn as you may or may not know, make sure it hasn’t rained for at least two days and also that you haven’t watered your lawn.  Otherwise, instead of cutting your grass all you are doing is flattening it slightly.  Then it will start to grow at all angles. Cut the grass when it is relatively dry, and then figure out what you want to do with the mulch.

Lawn Care: Mulch or No?

A lot of people argue about mulching.  One lawn care professional on television will highly recommend a mulching mower, while another one will recommend that all of the cut grass should be removed to help eliminate weeds.  For the record, mulching neither helps nor stops weeds from growing.  It can provide a level of fertilizer for your lawn and help you to build turf effectively.  Too much mulch however, particularly if you haven’t mowed your lawn in a while can lead to bare spots on your lawn.  So use your best judgement on mulch.  You also have other considerations if you want to mow your lawn yourself, like what type of mower to get.

Believe it or not, manual lawn mowers still exist, even more than a century after they first came out, and they do have a bit going for them.  For one thing, they’re durable.  A manual mower can last years or even decades, and need just a bit of sharpening every now and then. They are great exercise too.  The biggest drawback they have is that they are slow.  It takes two to three passes of a section of grass to get it to cut down.  If you get tired, you’re better off calling in a lawn care company to mow your lawn for you.

Part two of this series on lawn care will explore gas and electric mowers, and part three will cover when and how much to fertilize  your lawn.

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