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Lawn Maintenance for Commercial Properties

It isn’t just homeowners that can benefit from lawn maintenance, sometimes business owners can benefit from lawn maintenance too.

When to Get Lawn Maintenance for Your Business

Lawn Maintenance for Your Commercial Property
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Make no mistake.  Not every business will need lawn maintenance.  if you have an office space that you are renting from a landlord, and you’re in a high rise, obviously, you don’t even have a lawn to take care of.  But what about if you own a business park?

You will definitely need lawn maintenance then.  Why?  Well, it is a matter of applied economics.  If your business park or plaza appears unkempt, unintentional or no, it presents an image of being unprofessional.  If your tenants think that the plaza is unprofessional when it is time for them to renew their lease, they will most likely gallop to another business plaza that does take care of their lawn.

Lawn Maintenance:  It’s All About Image

If an unkempt lawn says ‘unprofessional,’ what does a neatly trimmed lawn say?  Think about it.  When you go somewhere that is pleasant including something like a lawn that is cared for with proper lawn maintenance, your subconscious remembers, and you will want to go back there again.

You think we’re making this up?  It’s actually proven at least from a real estate perspective.  The visual appearance of the exterior of a house is called ‘curb appeal.”  The same principle that works for houses also holds true for businesses as well.  People are more likely to do business with companies that give off an appearance of professionalism.  One of the best ways to convey an image of professionalism is by how your business looks.  And one of the best and least expensive ways of improving how your business looks is with proper lawn care and maintenance.

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