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Lawn Maintenance Tips Part 3

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Lawn maintenance is more than just seeding and fertilizing, there is also watering.  Part three of a three part article series explores how much water  you’re going to need and how often you’re going to need.  Part one of this series explored seeding your lawn, and part two explored fertilizing.

Lawn Maintenance and Watering

First off, how much water will your lawn need?  Well, according to the University of Illinois:

How much water does a lawn need? In general, cool-season grasses need about one to 1.5 inches of water per week to maintain green color and active growth, and naturally slow down in growth and may go dormant in hot weather. Factors such as the soil, weather, and management practices all have a role in water needs of lawns. Here are a few general rules to follow:

Decide before summer to either water lawns consistently as needed throughout the season, or let lawns go dormant as conditions turn warm and dry. Do not rotate back and forth. In other words, don’t let the grass turn totally brown, apply enough water to green it up, and then let the grass go dormant again, as breaking dormancy actually drains large amounts of food reserves from the plant.

To read the source article, please click here.

Know How Much Water is Needed for Proper Lawn Care

With good lawn maintenance, you want a balance between over watering and not watering enough.  The amount of water that each type of grass needs varies significantly between species.   Warm weather and drought tolerant grass doesn’t need as much water as water from a cooler and moister climate.  Make sure that your watering method is in good working order.  Check your hose for kinks or breaks, and if you have a built in sprinkler system, make sure that you don’t need a sprinkler repair job done.

Lawns are fairly easy to take care of.  It is about putting down the right type of seed, and fertilizing the grass properly, and making sure that you put down the right amount of water.  With all of these skills down, you will find that lawn maintenance isn’t as hard as you may think.

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