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Lawn Care: Frequently Asked Questions Part II

Part two of a three part series on lawn care explores the use of lawnmowers. There are three types of lawnmowers out there:  manual, gas-powered, and electric.  Which is best?  Well, they each have their strengths and weaknesses.

What About Gas Powered Lawn Mowers and Lawn Care?

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It’s estimated that over 50 million people that don’t use lawn care services in the US mow their lawns every weekend.  This has an alarming cost, both to your pocketbook and to the environment.  First off, gasoline is not cheap.  As of the time of this article, gasoline is running at about $3.75 a gallon on average.  Per year, we use 800 million gallons of gas and produce tons of air pollutants. Until the late 1990’s, garden equipment wasn’t covered under emissions standards.  Lawn mowers alone emit dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen oxides, and are responsible for up to 5% of the nation’s air pollution particularly in metropolitan areas.

One of the most effective ways of reducing air pollution is to reduce the number of internal combustion engines out there.  Hiring a lawn care service in Phoenix, AZ, is actually better for the environment.  Less use of gasoline, and less use of lawn mowers.  If you still wish to use a gas mower, they are fairly durable, only needing spark plugs every now and then and routine maintenance.

Are Electric Mowers Used in the Lawn Care Industry

Yes. There are two types of electric mowers used by your Phoenix lawn care service: battery based and corded.  A battery powered electric mower  has a battery that you put in a charger until you need it, then you pop the battery in the lawn mower and then mow.  The advantage to battery-powered units is that there is obviously no danger of unplugging them accidentally all the time, however, they can also run out of a charge if they’re not fully charged.  A corded mower is more likely to keep going, that is until you yank the cord out when it gets tangled.

The old-fashioned push mower is obviously the best for the environment, however, it is much more labor intensive to mow even just a small yard.  So as you see, lawn care is a lot simpler in the hands of a pro.

Part one of our series on lawn care covered how much to mow, and part two explored the types of mowers to use.  Part three of our series will explore how much and when to fertilize.

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