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How to get your Landscape ready for monsoon season.

Monsoon season is upon us! Get your Landscape ready.

Below is a list of things you can do to help prepare your landscape for the season.

Timming of Trees

  •  Many people love large shade trees in their yard escpecially in this Arizona heat. What people do not realize is that all trees need to be maintained. By maintained I mean trimmed and thinned out at least two times a year to keep them full yet weather resistant. If you let your tree grow large and become un-kept it can fall over or have limbs break during storms. Not only does this cause damage to the tree but to your home and property as well,  not to mention the dent it can put in your wallet. Remember it is much easier to prevent the problem then trying to clean it up later – more cost effective too.

 Tree staking

  • Stake your smaller trees! You want to do this to prevent them from falling over in the storms. Smaller trees will fall over more quickly because they do not have a good root base yet.  When the tree does fall it can brake limbs and damage the roots and you may lose the tree.


Clean-up your Landscape

  • Be sure to clean-up your landscape of all debris and leaves. The debris could get swept up by the winds and cause more damage in the yard.


  • Pre-emergent is important to put down before a large storm rolls in. All the rain fall will cause weeds to grow in your landscape. Applying pre-emergent to your landscape will treat the ground and prevent weeds from sprouting.



  • Landscape grading is a very important part to any landscape. Surface water comes down directly from the rain. If not graded properly you will have pools of water in your yard. The pools might stay long enough to attract insects such as mosquitoes that can carry deceases.



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