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Lawn Care for Winter and Spring Part 2

Part two of a series on lawn care for winter and spring explores fertilizing and watering.

When Do I Water My Lawn in the Winter?

Know How Much to Water your Lawn as Part of Lawn Care  | 480-420-0902
Know How Much to Water your Lawn as Part of Lawn Care | 480-420-0902

We are often asked by some of our lawn care customers: “when do I water my lawn in the winter?”  Be aware that in the winter months, you do not want to water your lawn too much.  A good guideline to follow is actually based on the temperature outside.  A great many cities have water conservation guides that can give you a timetable of how much and when to water as well.

The warmer it is, the more you’re going to need to water your lawn.  When it is winter and spring however, cooler temperatures mean that water doesn’t evaporate as much.  This in turn means that you don’t water as much.  Water your lawn every ten days in the winter on the average.  Part of the answer is also based on your grass type.  When in doubt, call in a lawn care service for tips on when to water.  But what about fertilizing your lawn?


Do I Fertilize My Lawn in the Spring?

You want to fertilize your lawn in the late fall and in the early spring.  However, don’t let the season fool you.  When to fertilize is based on temperature.  You never want the external temperature to be above 85 degrees when you fertilize, particularly if you use chemical fertilizer, as this can cause a chemical reaction and thus burn your lawn.

Our next article will cover the great debate regarding fertilizers: synthetic or artificial.  Until then, if you need any lawn care tips, feel free to contact us.

This concludes part two of our series on lawn care for winter and spring. Be sure to read part one and part three as well.

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