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Landscape Design Part 2: Tropical and Sub-Tropical Landscaping

In part 1 of this 3 part series, we covered one type of landscape design: desert landscaping.  Part two of this series will cover tropical and sub-tropical landscaping.

Landscape Design and Tropical Plants

It’s possible to do tropical landscaping in a small yard as this article from e-how shows:

Tropical Landcsape Design
Tropical Landcsape Design

Small side yards are sometimes hard to landscape because of the small space and odd shape. Air circulation is problematic as well. A solution for a small side yard is to decorate the area with a tropical theme. Tropical plants will withstand the heat and add dimension and color to an otherwise drab area.

Tropical Landscape Design

The basic design for tropical landscapes is pathways and seating. Make pathways in the middle of the area with white gravel or large concrete stepping stones in a bed of white gravel. Set the stepping-stones in a random pattern to mimic the look of meandering through a villa. Square off planting areas with landscape timbers and hidden seating.

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Tropical Landscape Design: Do  Your Research

As for landscape design with a tropical motif in mind, do a bit of research.  Find out what can grow in your area with little to no effort. Take into account your water bill as well.  The wrong sort of plants could cause your water bill to skyrocket.

Some tips regarding landscaping with tropical plants.  You want to create an illusion of a jungle paradise, which means densely planting the area you want to use tropical landscape design in.  You also want the dense green to be interspersed with plants of wild color.  Look at the vibrant red of a hibiscus plant for example. Make sure there are plenty of touches like a bit of tropical or Asian statuary, or maybe a nice water feature as well.

Make sure you consult with a professional for other landscape ideas as well. Above all else, make sure you get an expert at landscape design.

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