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Lawn Care

Lawn care is about knowing what not to do as well as what to do.  Why?  Well, you could end up ruining your lawn…

Lawn Care: What Not To Do

Get Lawn Care in Prescott | (928) 356-8167
Get Lawn Care in Prescott | (928) 356-8167

First thing you should never do where good lawn care is concerned is to over-fertilize.  Read the instructions on your fertilizer carefully.  Too much fertilizer, particularly chemical fertilizers can burn your lawn, killing the grass.   You also need to be aware of when and when not to fertilize your lawn.  You never want to fertilize a lawn that has just been watered for example, as it can also lead to chemical burns.

As to when to fertilize your lawn, it depends on the species.  If you have a Kentucky bluegrass, fescue or perennial ryegrass, you usually have to fertilize four times a year, twice in the spring, and twice in the fall, never in the summer.  The combination of the higher temperatures and the chemicals present in the fertilizer can lead to burning.  You also want to make sure that you water correctly as well as fertilize.

Lawn Care What to Do

Smart lawn care includes watering.  Always make sure you water your lawn and give it the appropriate amount of water for the type of grass you have.  Grass from cooler climates need more water in Arizona than warmer temperature grasses like Bermuda grass.  The heat of the summer can bake moisture out of your lawn, so remember to water in the evening after the sun’s gone down or in the very early morning before sunup.    This will help to keep the moisture on the lawn longer, and stop evaporation.  Besides watering and fertilizing, know how often you should mow your lawn.

A good rule of thumb is every ten days.  When you are mowing your lawn, make sure that you don’t cut your grass too short to avoid damaging the plants.  Make sure you carefully weed your lawn too.  While some garden ‘experts’ advocate simply mowing your weeds down along with your grass.  As a professional lawn care service in Prescott, we generally don’t advocate this strategy as by mowing the weeds, you can also disperse their seeds and spread the weeds to other part of your lawn.

Hopefully this post has cleared up some common misconceptions about how to take care of your lawn.

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