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Lawn Maintenance Tips Part 1

Part one of a series on lawn maintenance explores some tips for summer.

Lawn Maintenance Tips for Summer

Get Lawn Maintenance | (928) 356-8167
Get Lawn Maintenance | (928) 356-8167

In a lot of parts of the US, it is spring.  Arizona, however, operates under different rules.  One of the complaints that people have from other parts of the US is that Arizona lacks seasons, which isn’t true.  Arizona has seasons, however, they’re super-compressed seasons.  Arizona’s spring is pretty much from February to March.  Then our summer starts. So it is a good idea to know some lawn maintenance tips for summer.

First off, it is time to weed and feed.  Your grass isn’t the only thing growing in your lawn, weeds are growing as well.  Some species of weeds, particularly the woody variety are extremely hard to get rid of.  One of the best lawn maintenance tips we can offer you where weeds are concerned is to not pull them.  You want to spot spray them to kill them off.  The only time you can really pull weeds successfully is if your ground is thoroughly soaked.  Otherwise, when you pull weeds, you’re more than likely just pulling the top part off.  The reasons weeds thrive so well is that they can survive even if all of the above ground structures are gone.  They just need a small amount of roots and then they grow. In addition to weeding, you want to start to fertilize your lawn before it gets too hot.

Don’t Burn Your Lawn: Fertilize Now

If you want to avoid burning your lawn, you want to apply your fertilizer now while it is still temperate.  Otherwise, you are basically causing a chemical burn that will essentially kill your lawn off.

So remember, this is the time of year you want to fertilize your lawn and get rid of the weeds.  Our next article on lawn maintenance will cover when to mow and water your lawn.

This concludes part one of our series.  For more information on lawn maintenance tips, be sure to read part two and part three as well.

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