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Landscape Remodel Phoenix Part 2: Ideas for Spring

Part two of a series on getting a landscape remodel Phoenix explores ideas for spring.  What flowers should you plant in the spring? Well read on to find out!

Landscape Remodeling:  What Flowers You Should Plant in the Spring?

Plant Bulbs in the Fall -Landscape Remodel Phoenix | (928) 356-8167
Plant Bulbs in the Fall -Landscape Remodel Phoenix | (928) 356-8167

First off, it is fall, slowly entering into Arizona’s all too brief winter.  Right now, you want to think about planting bulb flowers such as tulips, amaryllis, crocuses, and irises.  You want to make sure that the last of the frost is off the ground.   Most bulbs that you buy in a garden shop were probably dug up in the early summer.  As long as they are not withered, and look full and plump they’re ready for planting.  Be sure to get your bulbs into the ground as soon as possible. Storing them out of soil too long cause them to wither and die.   When in doubt call in a landscaping service for a landscape remodel.  They’ll be able to plant them for you as well as tell you some pointers.

One such tip for a landscape remodel Phoenix is to put your bulbs on top of the ground and surround them with a mound of  potting soil kept in place with a bit of chicken wire.  In the spring, remove the chicken wire, and after your blooms have gone, wait about 4-6 weeks and then cut the stalks up and dig up the bulbs.  However, it isn’t just bulb flowers that you want to plant in the spring.  You want to start looking at seed too.

Seed Planting and a Landscape Remodel Phoenix

As landscaping pros, we are kind of ambivalent about seed planting.  So many times, when customers are keen to do a bit of landscape remodeling, they cut open a seed pack, and plant the seeds hoping for a bunch of pretty flowers, just like what’s on the package, only to have nothing happen.  A lot of seeds are rip offs.  A good way to get seeds started is to either put them into pots, or soak them for up to a week before you plant them, depending on the species of course.

Some seed based flowers however, just will not grow in Arizona.  Even though the back of the packet shows that you can grow them here, ask around.  And again, when in doubt call in a professional service for a landscape remodel Phoenix.

This concludes part two of our series on getting a landscape remodel Phoenix. Be sure to read part one and part three as well.

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