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Tree Trimming Part 2: Summer and Winter Pruning

Part two of a two part series on tree trimming explores what time of year you  should trim trees.

What Time of Year Should You Trim Trees?

Call a Certified Arborist | (928) 356-8167
Call a Certified Arborist | (928) 356-8167

What time of year should you trim trees?  The answer to this question depends on the reason that you’re trimming your trees.  You can remove dead or diseased wood at any time, and you can do light tree pruning as well.

Another thing to realize is that some species of trees need more tree care than others.  There are some species of trees that have very high growth rates.  As such, you’re obviously going to need to trim these more than twice a year.  Otherwise, the best two times of year to prune trees are winter and summer.

Why Should I Prune My Tree in Winter or Summer?

When trees go dormant in the winter, unless of course they’re an evergreen, it is easier to trim them with little to no risk to the tree.  Pruning during the winter causes your  tree to experience a lot of new growth come springtime.  If you’re pruning in the winter, it’s best to wait until the coldest part of winter is over. Usually Arizona is coldest from mid December until early January, unless you’re living at higher elevations. As for tree pruning in the summer, it serves a much different purpose.

Summer pruning helps you to control and direct the way you want the tree to grow.  You usually want to prune right after spring, or right after summer. As we covered in our last article, when you do tree pruning, make sure that you cut at an angle, particularly upward pointing branches, as this will allow water to flow down the tree better.

When you’re in doubt about , you’re better off actually calling in a tree care service to help you.  Tree services are professionals where tree care is concerned.  And if you get a tree service with an arborist on board, you’ll be very safe indeed.

This concludes part two of our series.  For more information on tree care, be sure to read part one as well.

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