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Lawn Care Part 2: Winter Lawns

Winter ryegrass overseeding is something that you’re going to have to start soon to transition your lawn.  As for why, it is all in the type of grasses that are present.

Why Do I Have to Do Winter Ryegrass Overseeding?

It's Time for Winter Ryegrass Overseeding | (928) 356-8167
It’s Time for Winter Ryegrass Overseeding | (928) 356-8167

Grass is one of the most diverse types of plants out there.   Most people don’t know  that such plants as palm trees and bamboo are actually giant species of grass, and of course what’s on your lawn is also grass.  However, in the winter, warmer weather grass goes dormant, leaving your lawn a barren yellowish white color. There are two types of winter ryegrasss, perennial ryegrass, and annual ryegrass.  Regardless of the type of ryegrass, they provide a green cover during winter.  Be aware, however, that winter ryegrass overseeding may cause you some problems in the spring, unless you take care of it properly.  Ryegrass competes with other grass types for water, sunlight and fertilizer.

When you do overseeding with ryegrass it is adabtable to either sun or shade. If you get annual ryegrass  be aware that you plant it in the fall.  Also, annual ryegrass dies out in late spring.  Perennial ryegrass is another option for winter ryegrass overseeding, however, be warned that it can choke out other grass species.  Whatever type of grass you’re looking plant, you’re going to have to do some preparation first.

Winter Ryegrass Preparation Steps

First off, as temperatures begin to drop in the fall, your turfgrass will need less water. Remove any excess thatch to allow seed to make contact with the soil. A heavily thatched lawn tends to result in irregular patches of overseeded grass, so mow the lawn closely.

With winter ryegrass overseeding, timing is everything.  Overseeding should be done thirty days before the first frost, when daytime highs are near 70 °F and nighttime lows are usually above 50 °F.   If you seed before this narrow window or after, you could lose your ryegrass.  When you plant winter ryegrass, apply 10 pounds of annual ryegrass seed per 1,000 square feet.

Even a winter lawn requires a bit of maintenance.  You can do it by yourself if you wish, or as a labor saving step, call in a lawn care service.

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